Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is recommended for people who are actively seeking God’s Will in the midst of their daily lives. The primary goal of spiritual direction is the growth of one’s relationship with the Lord and an increased ability to discern God’s voice. In spiritual direction, there is a one-on-one conversation about one’s experience of prayer and the spiritual consequences of that experience to living a full, mature Christian life. The true director is the Holy Spirit who helps the trained spiritual director to “hear” what the directee is truly saying about his/her faith life. The director then reflects back what is being conveyed without giving advice. Most times, the director simply listens and reflects. Other times the director challenges, encourages, affirms and/or supports. At all times, shared prayer is the cornerstone of the spiritual direction session. Ultimately as directees grow in their understanding of God’s working in their life, a deeper, more intimate relationship emerges with the Lord, thus producing a spirit which is more docile and surrendered.

Those seeking spiritual direction should be Christians who are willing to spend quiet time praying with scripture, journal their prayer experience and share that experience with another person.

The MARIAN SERVANTS® of the Eucharist includes members who are certified to provide Spiritual Direction. This service is provided, free of charge, as a service to the Body of Christ. Members listed below who are activly providing Spiritual Direction can be contacted directly or by emailing ms@marianservants.com.

Andrea Blanchard St. Jude the Apostle 225-766-2431 andreablanchard@cox.net
Lisette Borne' St. Aloysius Church 225-343-6657 Lisette.Borne@gmail.com
St. Jean Vianney Church 225-753-7950 Lisette.Borne@gmail.com
Mary Delaney St Alphonsus Liguori 225-261-4650 maryleed3@yahoo.com
Marcy Holeman St. Patrick Church 225-753-5750 jmholem@yahoo.com
Monica Roussel St. Joseph the Worker   shineondays@eatel.net
Mary Tauzin St. George Church 225-293-2212 mtauzin@cox.net

In addition, the following MARIAN SERVANTS® of the Eucharist hold certification in Spiritual Direction but are currently inactive: Susan Gros, Theresa Hagan, Glen Landry, Carla Rutherford, Melinda Sanford and Kathy Screen..